Safe Room Videos, Panic Room Videos, Security Doors Videos, Ballistics Videos

Here are some videos that will assist you in visualizing the quality of our products, and also their necessity in protecting your family and/or your business. We’re available to answer all your questions at 518-274-4400 or on our contact page.

If you are interested in learning more about our intruder security doors (as depicted in the first video below), kindly visit our safe room page.


Our security doors can withstand almost anything! Watch the video demonstration to learn more! Made by our supplier, Master Security Doors, this video will show you the ultimate security door.


The video below is a live fire test. We tested a ballistic fiberglass wall section versus a regular wall. We use guns (AR-15, 35 REM, 12 Gauge, 45, 380, 22), fire, sledgehammers, etc. We then show the results.


On April 16, 2013 our nation was made aware of one of its most vulnerable targets for domestic terrorism…. the electric grid. We currently have a patent pending. designed to address such vulnerabilities.