When companies want to protect their multi-million dollar infrastructure, they call Navco ...the Ballistic Shielding and Safe Room experts.

High security against home or office attack that’s bullet resistant, fire resistant and forced entry resistant. Today, safe rooms are often an integral part of new home construction. In other instances, a converted walk-in closet or bathroom can easily be transformed into protective environment. Navco safe rooms can transform an existing space in your home into the ultimate sanctum. Aesthetically, the space maintains its natural look and feel, while safeguarding the lives of family and pets.

Ballistics Fire Test Video

The video below is a live fire test, conducted by Navco Special Services. We tested a ballistic fiberglass wall section versus a regular wall. We use guns (AR-15, 35 REM, 12 Gauge, 45, 380, 22), fire, sledgehammers, etc. We then show the results.

In the near future, we plan to film at least one more video (possibly more). If you have any questions about the video, or any of our Special Services, please call us at 518-301-3380, or contact us.

High security for commercial, governmental, industrial, educational, and military sectors. Commercial businesses and property are often at risk of attack, as targets of robbery or as potential threat against personnel and customers. Navco ballistic fiberglass panels are designed to mitigate harm caused by bullets from a rifle, handgun or shotgun, as well as provide effective delay against forced entry. Navco bullet-resistant fiberglass panels are the safest, most affordable, and efficient ballistic protection solution available for both new construction and remodeling projects.


Joseph Navarra, Navco’s owner and general manager, has a patent pending for a system where ballistic barriers, walls, and panels could be modularly installed to discreetly protect a variety of objects in a variety of environments. You can view the pending patent HERE.

On April 16, 2013 our nation was made aware of one of its most vulnerable targets for domestic terrorism…. the electric grid. Learn more about the new security standards, and how Navco Special Services can assist during this urgent infrastructure crisis.