Troops stationed throughout the world live under constant risk. Whether deployed overseas or domestically, the threat of harm to military personnel and civilians by bullets or blast fragments can be managed by integrating bullet proof panels within walls, doors and furnishings.

Navco panels have successfully protected soldiers in deployment, providing bullet, mortar-blast and improvised explosive device (IED) resistance with panels fashioned specifically for troop transports, weapons training areas and base facilities.

Navco bullet and blast-resistant fiberglass panels are the safest, most affordable, and efficient ballistic protection solution available for both transportation and construction applications:

    • Humvees and other Transport Vehicles
    • Dining Halls
    • Military Housing
    • Base Entrances
    • Guard Shacks
    • Chinook 47 Helicopters
    • Surveillance Aircraft
    • LCAC Navy Vessels
    • Weapons Training Facilities